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Different, but still amazing!

I think Egoraptor was going for a bit of a different approach on making this animation this time around. It's definently a different sense of humour, but it's still great. A lot of people who don't understand this wont understand that this is poking fun of old anime that featured piss poor voice acting with mouths that don't even match, generic storylines, animation flaws, and ridiculous Japanese names. This flash wasn't made this way on accident, this was very intentional and portrays a different but very effective way to make me ROFL. So, great job. Can't wait to see the next episode.

Simply Awesome!

I think you've got something going here with these 2 characters. I definently think you should make a series with them. The animation was superb and the dialogue was short, simple, and funny. Great job and hope to see more soon.

Very interesting and unique!

Animation styles are very unique and not something people normally do.

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Not bad but...

The level design isn't that great, but still kind of fun. Although not even close to the real sonic game. :)

Mixed Reaction...

The game style is a bit confusing, but once learned, it's still quite fun.

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Kevin Bacon?

Why'd you change the lyrics to Kevin Bacon? Awesome song.

Just awesome!

The heavy melody is very memorable! I love it. I just wish it was a full length song. :( Also, I'm not sure, but are you using a drum machine? If so, I would like to know more about it. :)

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thank you. Yes, its a drum machine...per se. EZDrummer, with some of my own samples and some of theirs...all mixed matched into my own kit. Then I sequence them in Fruity Loops. I'll be moving away from EZDrummer DFH's samples soon and using Fruity Loops to sequence all my own recorded samples.

Glad you like, and thanks for the review!


Dude, I love this. :D I could listen to this for awhile. I love the whole rhythm you have here. It flows very well. You should really incorporate this into a full song if you can. :D By the way, can you check out my new song and give your thoughts on it? Really would appreciate it. :)

I'm a novice flash animator and also a music composer. I've joined Newgrounds not too long ago. I love it here! I hope you guys enjoy my work just as much as I enjoy everything here. :)

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